Our range of produce is expanding this year, along with wasabi, we will be growing Japanese salads, wild mushrooms, and much more. Take scroll down and contact us if you are tempted or if you seek something unusual and worthy that you don’t see listed.

Available Summer 2020

New season Colleens, Agretti, Okahijiki, Wasabi, Tree Spinach, Pipiche, Sweet Cicely, Lovage, Hyssop, Mint, Lemon Balm,
Available later in Summer; Chiogia beets, Gold beets, White beets, Tomatillo, Jaltomato, Papalo, Cinamon Basil, Summer Savoury, Calaloo Amranth leaf, White skinned Courgette


Swede, Kohl rabi, Pink Fir Apple, Scorzonera, Salsify, Cardoon, Skirret, Bubbles Cress, Horse Radish, Crapudine beets, Sugar beets, Black Futsu squash, Muscade de Provance

Spring 2021

Sea kale, White Sprouting Brocolli, Kinome

Trail crops

Basil selection (Lemon, lime, thai, licorice, purple ruffles)
Marsh Samphire
Potatoes (Sante, Mayan Gold, Mayan twilight, Blue Danube, Blue Anelise)

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